Microblading in Torrevieja

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Microblading Courses in Torrevieja & Alicante

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Microblading is one of the most requested treatments in Spain, England and all of Europe, always wanting to be with the best aspect. Microblading is the secret to this always perfect.

Microblading was born in Japan in the 18th century, as a manual tattoo technique, also called Tebori. Tebori artists were found by the word-of-mouth system until after World War II since tattooing was illegal in Japan until then.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment very similar to Micropigmentation or conventional Tattoo but without using a machine. Only using a hand tool, called “Tebori” that contains disposable micro-needles.

The word Tebori, “Te” means “hand” and Horu, which means “carving, sculpting or inscribing”. Nothing better to describe this technique.

Microblading is Less Painful Than Micropigmentation

Microblading makes the treatment less painful, less traumatic to the skin than Micropigmentation or conventional Tattoo. By depositing the pigments superficially on the epidermis, producing a characteristic sound called Shakki.

The Tebori artists in Japan dipped the needles sterilized in the Sumi (pigment) and then broke the skin with a rhythmic movement.

Microblading is a treatment, which is considered semi-permanent, for its duration between 12 and 24 months depending on the type of skin, the subsequent care and other factors.

It is recommended to carry out a retouching 12 months after the first session to refresh the color and once again show a more intense and defined color.

This technique is more superficial than Micropigmentation and creates a very natural hair on the eyebrows. You can also thicken existing eyebrows by giving them a more sensual shape as they are the frame of the face.


Microblading professionals say that it is a less invasive technique for the skin than electric machines, so the designs heal more quickly by not deepening the skin layer. From the sanitary point of view Microblading is safer than Micropigmentation, provided that the necessary care is taken, such as using sterilized materials, gloves, masks, and pigments Approved by health, … etc.

The only disadvantage of Microblading with respect to the electric machine is that, being a totally manual procedure, it usually takes more time. Regarding the cost, the design with Microblading is usually higher, since it is a totally handmade process.

Treatments that can be done with Microblading:

Microblading eyebrows or eyebrows embroidery, we can design a natural looking eyebrows and beautiful. Creating movements in the lines to measure and very clear. It is one of the most popular techniques.
Micro-Shading and Power effect are other eyebrow treatments. And with spectacular results.

Microblading Highlighter, we can illuminate the upper eyelid (just below the eyebrows) and be always radiant with a touch of light.

Eyeliner with Microblading or Microblading Eyeliner, we can delineate the upper and lower eyelids of the eyes.
Eyeliner, rejuvenates facial expression, brightens eyes, corrects droopy eyes or gives a voluminous effect of eyelashes.

Lip Lining with Microblading and Microblading with Microblading, with this treatment we can correct imperfections or asymmetries in the labial, embellish, give harmony.

Microblading as a Profession

Microblading is a professional, successful, profitable exit with low investment and high demand. It is the most performed treatment in recent years. Recover the investment of courses and material in a few weeks.

The treatments of Microblading is Spain, made by professionals cost between € 250 to € 350.

Microblading allows you to earn € 250 per customer at least.

Average cost per trat. Weekly Income: Annual Income: (Tips not included)

based on 8 customers a week

Eyebrows € 250 € 2,000 € 96,000


Within the courses include information on the legal framework of activities, marketing, prices, frequently asked questions, approved pigments, … etc.

All our courses are more than 80% of practices, including the necessary material to enhance the course.

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